I got a fever...

tick, tick, tick… where’s the snooze on this biological clock?

I’m 29 and 30 is approaching rapidly… a little over 9 months to go.. ha 9 months.. So as with any woman my age baby fever has set in. The people around me have started having kids, AND on purpose, the traitors! I can’t say its always been in my plan, kids that is. Growing up I wasn’t so much a baby person as everyone else. I’ve always been kind of weirded out by that soft spot on their heads, it’s like a self destruct button and I have vivid nightmares of touching it and terrible things happening.. The Soft Spot killer, see that’s what they’d call me! Dramatic, I know.. kids are tougher than you think, yada yada yada. The damn spot still freaks me out. Anyways, cut to my 28th birthday.. I’m in the hospital watching my twin sister give birth to her first little kiddo (yea all of us have the same birthday, crazy I know) and the process albeit intense and traumatic was nothing like I had envisioned. She was a total champ, I mean I have never been in such awe of human strength in my life. She made child birth her bitch! And my nephew couldn’t be cuter if he tried and I’ve never experienced love like the love I have for my sister & brother’s kids..So after that awesome experience I started looking at the idea of kids a lot differently. Then my favorite little cousin, and unofficial gypsy soulmate popped a kid out this past year and I have fallen in love all over again with the beautiful little creature that is now in this world. Seeing these precious little tiny humans makes my fever spike! Every time I hold a baby I inhale their sweet little baby head smell and spend the next week talking my ovaries down.. I’m like a coach and my ovaries are the overzealous player on the sidelines screamin “put me in coach, put me in.. I’m ready!!” As ready as they may be, I have yet to meet that special someone to share in the joyous experience (more so the conception than birth, let’s be honest). My entire family is on pins and needles waiting for the day, almost all of them have kids now so I’m kinda the only one stalling.. My dad is convinced that I no longer need a partner because they sell sperm Kelsey, you can just go by the stuff and have a baby. Real vote of confidence from my father there. Point being, my clock is ticking and I think I’m running out of snoozes.


3 thoughts on “tick, tick, tick… where’s the snooze on this biological clock?

  1. Oh my gosh hilarious! I’m about to turn 32 and have zero interest in having a baby! But for me it was the complete opposite – I spent my entire life until about 27 waiting to have babies. Then bam! I woke up one day and thought, I don’t think I want to do that. We shall see what the future holds…I’m not completely against it! Also, a side note: So you, your twin (obvi), and her child all have the same birthday?!? That’s crazy!


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